• Abandoned Mine Reclamation Projects
    Spotlight Cave Creek Regional Park and San Tan Park

    Four Corners Environmental, Inc. provided professional consulting and construction contracting services associated with the evaluation and closure of abandoned mines within two Maricopa County Regional Parks in Arizona. Four Corners understanding of project goals, health and safety issues, long time mining laws, and liabilities associated with abandoned mine sites provided Maricopa County with a cost effective plan to protect the safety and welfare of Park staff and patrons while preserving biological and cultural diversity of the parks for the public. Read More

    Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project
  • City of Gallup Water
    Resources Investigations

    A regional groundwater numerical simulation model for the San Andres/Glorieta aquifer system of northwestern New Mexico has been prepared in support of the Application by the City of Gallup for Permit to Appropriate Groundwater. The numerical simulation model was mandated by the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer Hearing Examiner to support the City of Gallup’s Application. The model framework stipulated by the Hearing Examiner included the need for a three-dimensional numerical model capable of simulating aquifer stresses to the Permian San Andres/Glorieta aquifer system, the Sonsela sandstone of the Petrified Forest Member of the Triassic Chinle Formation, and leakance through the Chinle Formation. Read More

    City of Gallup Water Resources Investigations
  • Rio De Flagg Remedial Investigation/
    Feasibility Study (RI/FS)

    A significant amount of environmental work has previously been completed along the proposed flood control improvement corridor. On behalf of the City, Four Corners has historically conducted several subsurface investigations to assist in identifying locations of historic environmental concern, and the US Corps of Engineers and others have completed additional work. Read More

    Rio De Flagg Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study (RI/FS)
  • Buckeye Hills and Surprise
    Shooting Range Closure Activities

    To facilitate better training of Sherriff Officers, Maricopa County closed two main County shooting ranges and re-constructed a regional training and public use shooting facility in Buckeye, Arizona. Four Corners completed the closures of the Buckeye Hills and Surprise shooting facilities for Maricopa County to allow the construction of the new facilities without long term monitoring requirements associated with most hazardous waste sites. Four Corners conducted initial investigations into lead and other contaminants in soil and developed a strategy for Maricopa to remediate and close the facilities under the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). Read More

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    Buckeye Hills and Surprise Shooting Range Closure Activities

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Four Corners Environmental, Inc. is a small, woman-owned business incorporated in the State of Arizona. In business since 1993, Four Corners Environmental, Inc. provides a wide range of natural resource and environmental management services, including water resources acquisition and management, environmental regulatory compliance,

abandoned mine reclamation, hazardous materials program management, facilities management and personnel training. Working throughout the western United States, Four Corners Environmental has established itself as a premier environmental services consultant, integrating innovative solutions into complex environmental problems. Read More