Richard J. Brose, R.G.
Chief Financial Officer


  • B.S. (Geology); California State University, Los Angeles
  • M.S. (Geology); California State University, Los Angeles


  • Professional Geologist (Arizona) #20044
  • Registered Geologist (California) #4128
  • Certified Engineering Geologist (California) #1287
  • Certified Hydrogeologist (California) #109
  • Professional Geologist (Wyoming) # PG-3028
  • Registered Environmental Assessor (California) #REA01873
  • Professional Geologist (Alaska) #476
  • Engineering Geologist (Oregon) #E955
  • Environmental Manager (Nevada) #EM1010
  • American Institute of Professional Geologists (CPG#7549)
  • Asbestos Hazard and Emergency Response Act Inspector, Contractor/ Supervisor
  • 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Health and Safety Training
  • Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (Arizona)
  • FAA Certified Small Unmanned Aircraft System Remote Pilot #3935396

Career Summary

Mr. Brose brings to Four Corners Environmental over 35 years of experience in management and technical oversight of groundwater investigations, environmental services and professional technical activities for nearly every aspect of the regulated community. He has provided technical direction in regulatory policy for local and state agencies, forensic and expert witness assistance, and is recognized for his knowledge and technical application of federal, state and local regulatory policy for water resources, hazardous, special and solid waste, regulatory permitting and personnel safety. He is nationally known for his consistent application of innovative solutions to complex problems, and is responsible for the development of numerous applied technologies that have become industry standards. Mr. Brose provides technical direction and administrative management services to Four Corners.

Prior to joining Four Corners in 1994, Mr. Brose was the southwestern regional director of environmental and construction remediation services for Law/Crandall (1991-1994), western regional director of environmental services for Malcolm Pirnie (1987-1991) and project manager at LeRoy Crandall and Associates (1978-1987). He has also taught environmental technology applications at Coconino Community College, is an Arizona Certified Environmental Instructor and Emergency Medical Technician.


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