Environmental Services

Four Corners Environmental, Inc. provides a wide range of natural resource and environmental management services including water resources acquisition and management; environmental regulatory compliance; abandoned mine reclamation; hazardous materials program management; drone avionics; facilities management; and personnel training.

Avionics Services

Four Corners provides aerial imagery for every aspect of environmental investigations using state of the art Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), FAA certified small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) pilots, and nearly a half decade of operational experience. Fully compliant with the newly enacted (August, 2016) 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 107 requirements, Four Corners has the capability to incorporate aerial imagery into project records to provide an unparalleled view and visual imaging of environmental services that include archeological imagery; remote access to critical project components; emergency response documentation; construction and project administration and tracking; confined space access; mine investigations; landfill monitoring; ecological restoration monitoring; post-disaster documentation; and employee health and safety considerations.

Coupled with real time video imaging available to clients at their traditional work space, either in the office or in the field, Four Corners’ avionics allow our clients the opportunity to manage and direct flights while our UAVs are airborne. Four Corners maintains constant contact with both Air Traffic Control (ATC) in highly regulated airspace to common communication frequency monitoring when in urban and remote areas. The Four Corners avionics services provide cost-effective solutions to traditional piloted aircraft flight services while increasing the utility of unmanned investigations to improve worker health and safety and unmatched situational awareness.

FAA Certified UAS Operator

Environmental Investigations

Four Corners professionals provide environmental investigation services for nearly every aspect of existing regulatory programs governing environmental compliance. Our professionals are recognized leaders in solid and hazardous waste issues, and are capable of providing exploration services from initial site environmental reviews through full feasibility investigations for site remediation. Our services include:

  • Preliminary Environmental Site Assessments
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Environmental Impact Analysis\Documentation
  • Stormwater Permitting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • RCRA/CERCLA Activities
  • Fate and Transport Modeling
  • Materials Surveys

Environmental Management

Current regulatory trends indicate a growing need on the part of the regulated community to assess and manage environmental risks from routine operational practices and develop strategies to reduce wastes, minimize permit requirements, and efficiently train staff. To assist industry in meeting environmental compliance goals, we have developed a program to systematically evaluate environmental programs and develop alternative strategies for compliance activities. Our services include:

  • Site Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Waste Minimization and Reduction
  • Underground Storage Tank Investigation and Management
  • Remedial Action Planning, Design, Cost Estimating, and Implementation
  • Solid Waste Facility Siting, Design, and Monitoring
  • Unsaturated Zone System Design, Installation and Monitoring
  • Asbestos and Lead Paint Program Development, Survey, and Management Activities
  • Remedial Investigations
  • Pollution Prevention

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Engineering Geology Services

Naturally occurring geologic hazards in the southwest include seismicity; landslides; rock falls; subsidence and earth fissuring; and liquefaction. Four Corner professionals have performed numerous investigations to determine and mitigate these naturally occurring hazards for construction. Additionally, we have pioneered the field of abandoned mine reclamation to manage urban encroachment on historic mining districts. Our services include:

  • Site Characterization
  • Mine Reclamation/Closure
  • Geological Surveys
  • Slope Stability Analyses
  • Hydrologic Design
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Groundwater Management
  • Geologic Hazard and Failure Analyses

Health and Safety Programs

Four Corners provides a wide variety of health and safety services to help our clients minimize their occupational liabilities and plan for continued operation and growth through prudent assessment of potential risks and improved postures with respect to occupational regulatory compliance. Our services include:

  • Third Party Job Site Supervision
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration Regulation 29 CFR 1910.120 Training
  • Site-specific Health and Safety Plan Preparation
  • Compliance Auditing

Forensic Services

Four Corners provides a wide variety of forensic investigation and professional litigation support services for geologic and environmental projects. Our team of professionals have provided services for environmental contaminant migration and remediation litigation; construction negligence; and tort related complaints.

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